Wednesday, February 16, 2011


UGH!!! I wish i could find a decent boy and love!!!  im boored as hell and my mom is trying to make me do my home work I dont wanna and dont know how! i thank god she has to take care of emma so she cant bug me! Honestly lately I hate life. Ive fallen and I cant get up. I am too stressed and trying to act like the kid my mom wants' if only she knew the real me... She doesnt under stand that I cant juggle every thing at once! In one night I have to get 10 school assighnments done, my room cleaned, do horse water, groom jazzy, do laundry, and help her with my sister. I just cant do it! Cant she see how stressed I am? I broke down crying in front of my friends yesterday, all because of the stress. Before basketball ended I had to go to practice then do all those chores. My older sister does nothing and yet my mom doesnt make her help! I just really wish she would open her eyes and stop yelling at me! And my teacher just yells at me even more.... Ive seriously given up on school work and trying to be the perfect lil angel im expected to be. I used to have so much energy and lately I cant even kepp my eyes open...

Monday, November 22, 2010

Bruno and KK:)

Got a Boyfriend yesterday and bruno decided to play hide and seek today:)

Friday, September 10, 2010

Get my collage or Create your own
Wow and I thought we were friends!!!!;(

Friday, August 27, 2010

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RemoveHalla Kitsmiller Whoopwhoop!!! Five membas:):):):):):):)

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RemoveHalla Kitsmiller Join join join join join join join join join join join join join join join JOIN!!!!:) Bored out of my mind!

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RemoveHalla Kitsmiller Spider-pig! Spider-pig! Does what ever a spider pig does!

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RemoveHalla Kitsmiller .Its not expired! Experation dates are just suggestions!:) Photos July 16 at 10:01am.RemoveHalla Kitsmiller Thankyyou if you have joined! This is a random group! Write whatever you likes!:):):):):)

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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

So freaken hilarious!!!!  Funny Pictures & Funny Videos

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Awesome joke!!!!

the curious kid

one day there was this kid and he hers his parents fighting his dad calls his mom a bitch and his mom called his dad a bastard. so he goes up to his mom and says “mom whats a bastard.” she said “its a nice way to call man. then he goes to his dad and says ” dad whats a bitch.” he says “its a nice way to call a lady.” so then he hears his neighbors fighting and heard dick and vagina. so he goes to his dad and says “dad whats a dick.” his dad says “its a hat.” then he goes to mom and asks “mom whats a vagina” she says ” its a coat. then his mom is making dinner and she cuts herself cutting the turkey and she says fuck so he ask his mom what fuck meant and she said its what you do to the turkey. then his dad is shaving and he says shit so he asks his dad what shit means and his father says its a type of shaving cream. so finally two friends come over and he says “hello bitches and bastards may i take your dick and vagina because my moms fucking the turkey and my dads shaving the shit off his face.”

Friday, July 16, 2010

music points I like how this looks! How was your day??? I am on yahoo answers. I am Hello World! Best website ever! Yesterday I went riding on a real Argentinion Criolla. He had a nice gait. Way different from an arabs!:) He was a medium sized black horse with black mane and tail. Also he had a white spot on his head. His name was Blackie. He is a barrel horse so he turned on a dime! Also we had 20 chicks now we have like 7!!! They disappearing! Today my BFF Alyssa is coming over! I met her when I was really young! Well thats it for today! Bye bye!!!!!!